Who we are 

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. DAMPHOS biotech Inc. is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in medical, biotech, photochemistry and technology. Working together with the aim to bring new world benefiting solutions utilizing our know-how and latest findings and technological advancements. We do this because of our faith and deep belief that the world can and is often changed by a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who care. 

Currently, we have projects and solutions in the following fields: 


Multi-in Quantitative Test Cassette & Quantitative Reader (IVD) 



Photodynamic Therapy: the patented fabric technology to transfer sunlight and LED light into selected wavelength with therapeutic effect. 


Medical Material: homostasis dressing material, Anti-bacterial/ virus cultivation fodder and healthcare products.


“Our aim is to serve the world with what we do, because we care!”

EDWARD TSAI  |  Founder



We want to help make the world and better and safer place, because we know the technologies and know-hows our multi-disiciplnary team posses can  make new solutions and technologies that benefit the world. We do this because of our faith and care for the well being of all in the world. 

Thus we will only engage in projects where:

  • We can offer a new and differentiated approach to how things are done. 
  • Where what we do can positively impact and help people in a positive way. 
  • The products and solutions we create are safe, reliable and the best we can make it. 
  • And lastly, we only work on things we are passionate about when we get up every morning to go to work.  

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